Welcome to the home of Doctor Ozone. Doc is one of those crazy artist-types, and there is no consideration taken of text based browsers within this site. Return with a graphical browser, or take your chances inside. Later! Your pal, -doc-

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Hiya Folks! DocOzone here. I long ago decided that using those "Get Browser-X Now!" buttons to be kind of tacky, and try to keep them off of any pages I create. I always test my pages with several versions of NS, Internet Explorer, and the AOL browser, so what's the diff? However, in this case I really do have to recommend NS 3.0. Many of my pages now take advantage of Javascript "rollover" buttons, which is a feature only available with NS3 so far. Don't worry, these pages will still work on the older browsers, they'll just work *better* with NS 3.0! Download now! <g>

Your pal,-doc-

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